5th Grade response to Pay It Forward youth edition

Pay It Forward Update

On March 3, 2017 I went to Battles School to speak with a 5th grade teacher about the affects of reading Pay It Forward Youth Edition and here is what she said…

33 students participated and were 2 levels below the reading level.
She wished she had started the book early in the year because it would have had a positive chance for students to treat people the right way for the rest of the year.

Many of her students noticed Pay it Forward(s) on campus
One example was when a student asked a teacher to Pay It Forward and the teacher was confused having not read the book. The teacher explained to the class how that would have been (for them) if they didn’t have the information. 5th grade class became more self aware and had a really good time reading the book.

They read 1 chapter a day. The teacher would read and she noted lots of volunteers who wanted to read out loud (especially the good parts). They were excited to read the young character Trevor’s turn of events.

After reading the chapter they would write a summary for 10 minutes
Comprehension was increased!
90% passed comprehension!
Lot’s of dialog!
Students were happy to receive 7 points for participation (because they wanted to).
Students who had difficulties reading wanted to read the crucial parts. Very exciting!

Students said it was the Best Book Ever!

The teacher believes this book will be remembered.
She noted that students definitely had intentions and wanted to participate because they could identify with Trevor (the young character in the book).
They noticed how the adults (in the story) were unaware of Trevor and how he moved in the story.
The teacher had her students journal anything they wanted and she would not look at it.

Overall this book seemed to be a huge HIT!

I would like to thank Altrusa of the Central Coast for purchasing the books for Battles School.

Joelyn Lutz