March 22, 2016







By using theater at the Juvenile Hall, WonHeart has found many benefits for teens to act out their feelings in a  safe and caring way. It's important for them to have a voice where they can be free to express themselves or put a new story to something they've done.  Using masks help teens hide and yet act out real life scenarios with different outcomes.





Character Building Assemblies

WonHeart has created several character building assemblies for grades K-6th grades. I'm Amazing You're Amazing and From Bully to Peacemaker use original music with non-violent tools built-in. These programs are designed to be interactive, engaging and packed with information. There are tools for teachers and a plan to train Peacemakers using a life size Peace Path to work out problems on the play yard.



Music is a big part of WonHeart.  This picture was from a live show created for Santa Maria's 15th Annual Peace Week. Everyone loves entertainment and when children show by example our hope is adults will follow. The songs they sang were from the WonHeart Peacemaker CD.